The US Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) initiatives has received approval of $6.4m fund, for the Barksdale Air Force Base, from the US House of Representatives.

The measure, HR 3326, which has been passed the House by a vote of 395-34, includes $4m for nuclear enterprise surety tracking.

This fund will be used by the air force to begin development of a secure, electronic system to track the location and status of nuclear warheads and bombs, and critical nuclear components.

The remaining $2.4m, will be used for reconstitution of the B-52 nuclear capability study that will allow the service to reassess the B-52’s nuclear role and capabilities, with an objective to produce a set of recommendations on potential future enhancements to the bombers.

Louisiana’s 4th District Congressman John Fleming said these projects directly support the air force’s nuclear enterprise and long-range bomber fleet, both central elements of Global Strike Command.

“As Global Strike Command moves towards full operational capability, I will continue to support initiatives that strengthen the long-term viability of the air force’s mission and its presence at Barksdale,” he said.

The AFGSC was formed in August 2009, to provide combat-ready forces to conduct strategic nuclear deterrence and global strike operations in support of the president and combatant commanders.