The German Air Force has integrated a modern Laser JDAM weapon (GBU-54/B) in its Tornado combat aircraft to enhance the aircraft’s accuracy during military operations.

Developed by Boeing, the new JDAM has a GPS-guided conventional bomb body with a laser sensor that can identify and combat stationary targets directly, or hit moving targets in all weather conditions, with the support of a laser target illuminator.

The JDAM weapon is capable of hitting its target with increased precision due to the combination of a target acquisition facility, the continuous internal update of target coordinates and the intelligent missile guidance in it.

EADS Defence & Security has integrated the JDAM in the Tornado weapon system as part of the Avionics Software System Tornado Ada, the ongoing combat efficiency improvement programme of the GAF Tornados.

In late October 2009, the EADS Defence & Security and Bundeswehr Technical Centre WTD 61 jointly conducted a test over the North Sea to verify the JDAM’s aerodynamic and jettison behaviour on the Tornado.

In 2008, the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement commissioned Military Air Systems, the EADS Defence & Security Business Unit, to integrate the JDAM weapon on GAF Tornados.