Dutch Space and a Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) have signed a contract with Lockheed to develop and provide embedded training systems for F-35 fighter aircraft worth $18.8m.

The embedded training system will provide multiship interaction, local and distributed weapons simulation, data link, data collection and off-board debriefing and is expected to become a standard feature in the F-35.

The training system can be deployed during the flight with multiple F-35s while practising simulated combat situations.

In 2004, the system was demonstrated on a single aircraft using a F-16 platform from the royal air force, while a multiship showcase took place in 2007 to display the technical aspect and additional features of the system for multiple aircraft.

Dutch Space and NLR will implement the project through an integrated project team which will lead to the initial implementation of embedded training in block 3 aircraft in 2011.