The US Air Force has granted a Phase II small business innovation research (SBIR) contract to Scientific Systems Company to develop high-quality 3-D imaging technologies for use in automated surveillance systems.

Under the $750,000 contract, SSCI will develop synthetic aperture radar 3-D imaging technology that will offer uniform wide-area intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance-gathering capabilities in all weather, both day and night.

SSCI founder and CEO Raman Mehra said the project will demonstrate the utility of the algorithms on measured radar data in the application of high confidence vehicle identification, building and terrain modelling, or change detection.

The technology will enable autonomous unmanned vehicles to navigate and identify targets on the ground and also allow accurate SAR 3-D aerial reconnaissance by unmanned aerial vehicles.

The USAF’s SBIR programme focuses on exploring new technologies enabling future surveillance systems to capture high-quality 3-D images of vehicles, buildings, terrain and other subjects using the SAR technology.