The F-15 Silent Eagle (F-15 SE) fighter plane will be developed further through additional funding from Boeing, the company announced at the Paris Air Show.

The F-15SE is a modern variant of the F-15 multirole strike fighter.

The fighter will help warfighters in surviving attacks with its digital electronic warfare suite, advanced electronically scanned array radar and improved aerodynamic design.

The fighter can carry air-to-air missiles like AIM-9 and AIM-120 and air-to-ground weapons such as the joint direct attack munition and small-diameter bomb internally in its conformal fuel tanks.

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems president and CEO Jim Albaugh said that international F-15 operators are interested in Silent Eagle’s capabilities.

“This aircraft meets the operators’ need for a flexible, long-range, large-payload, high-speed, multirole strike fighter with reduced observability,” said Albaugh.

The test flight for the F-15SE is scheduled in early 2010.