The final block of new flight software for spacecraft command and control operations for US Air Force missile warning satellite systems has been delivered by Lockheed Martin.

The USAF will be able to manage robust command and data handling, fault management and safe-hold capabilities on the space-based infrared system (SBIRS) geosynchronous orbit satellite system with the help of the flight software architecture.

The fault management system will give the air force time to assess technical glitches and rectify them by putting the satellite into a safe state if it detects any anomaly in operation.

The software architecture comprising two blocks have been delivered in stages to support prelaunch integration and test schedule of the satellite.

The previous stage has characterised the performance of the satellite and created a performance baseline before thermal vacuum testing.

The US Air Force’s space-based infrared systems wing is being supported by Los Angeles Air Force Base and private contractors for developing the SBRIS.

Air Force Space Command operates the SBIRS system, which will be complete for launch in FY2010.