The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has successfully deployed a new range of rugged and portable power packs to improve refuelling capacity in Afghanistan.

The new heavy-duty powerpack (HDP) and medium-duty powerpacks (MDPs) have been designed, tested and manufactured by Vikoma International, under a £2m contract from the MoD’s prime and logistics contractor, KBR.

The power packs deliver the hydraulic pressure needed to operate refuelling pumps for military aircraft and road vehicles in extreme weather conditions and harsh environments.

The HDP has a hydraulic output that is driven by a four-cylinder, turbo-charged and water-cooled diesel engine while MDP is driven by a three cylinder water cooled diesel.

The packs have a central lifting point and special filters on the air intakes to minimise sand and dust ingress.

The company is also developing a light-duty powerpack (LDP) to complement the medium and heavy-duty versions.