US-based aerospace and defence technology supplier Mercury Systems has secured a $17m contract to offer ruggedised radio frequency (RF) microelectronics.

The company will deliver the defence-grade RF microelectronics to support the US’ missile capabilities and those of its allies as they aim to maintain air defences.

Mercury Systems’ multi-channel digital RF assemblies will be used to facilitate real-time signals intelligence data, expediting the delivery of information to warfighters.

Mercury Microelectronics president and executive vice-president Roger Wells said: “We have developed and continue to develop technology and products that are critical to our nation’s and that of our allies’ air defences, and this award is the next step in our journey toward being the preferred partner in this important mission area.

“As one of only three domestic US suppliers of key defence-grade microelectronics, our customers and the military depend on us to develop advanced high-performance RF and digital signal processing technologies critical to help them maintain electromagnetic spectrum dominance over our adversaries.”

Mercury’s custom, miniaturised RF modules are developed at AS9100 and IPC-1791-certified facilities and use Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) accredited design and manufacturing capabilities.

The company claims these modules have been designed to deploy microelectronics and secure processing solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Mercury received the contract during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022 (FY22) and plans to deliver the capabilities ‘over the next several quarters’.

Based in Andover, Massachusetts, the company supplies open-architecture processing solutions for a range of mission-critical aerospace and defence applications.

In 2018, it agreed to deliver its BuiltSecure high-density secure memory devices for an unnamed defence prime contractor.