Lockheed Martin has certified Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) as a global maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) Depot for the F-16 Falcon multi-role fighter aircraft.

The certification represents a milestone for KAMS as it has become the first global F-16 Falcon MRO Depot.

Lockheed Martin F-16 programme vice-president Susan Ouzts and Kongsberg Aviation president Atle Wøllo signed the Falcon Depot certification on 14 October.

Susan Ouzts said: “KAMS has decades of F-16 sustainment experience that can be leveraged globally to support our F-16 customers.

“KAMS has a unique opportunity to perform Lockheed Martin F-16 quality work, through deployable global field teams, with approved LM engineering and Lockheed Martin licensed parts at a value to the customer.”

Pursuant to the certification, KAMS will be responsible for performing F-16 MRO sustainment work.

The company will provide services as a Lockheed Martin franchise.

Atle Wøllo said: “This is a step to further strengthen the long-established and close partnership between our two companies. For more than forty years we have joined efforts supporting the F-16s.

“We are extremely proud that Lockheed Martin acknowledges our experience and dedication to the F-16s by certifying KAMS as the first Falcon Depot. Together we will ensure continued success and readiness for existing and new F-16 operators”.

The global F-16 fleet includes around 3,000 operational aircraft in 25 countries.

KAMS provides depot-level maintenance, phase inspections, modifications and upgrades for the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s (RNoAF) F-16 aircraft.

In March, Lockheed Martin and AIM Norway agreed to jointly establish the first F-16 Falcon Depot centre in Norway to support regional and global F-16 fleets.