L3Harris Technologies has officially inducted the US Air Force’s (USAF) first C-130 aircraft as part of the C-130 Contractor Depot Maintenance programme.

The company will perform maintenance work in collaboration with Strategic Global Aviation (SGA).

SGA, with support from L3Harris, has recently received ‘8210 compliance’, a certification to carry out flight and ground operations for the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) aircraft.

Induction of the aircraft was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony at SGA’s facility in Rome, New York, where the aircraft has already arrived to undergo maintenance.

Held on 13 December, the ceremony involved participation of various local dignitaries and representatives from the USAF, US DoD, L3Harris and SGA.

L3Harris Modernisation and Modifications Group vice-president and general manager Sara Tatsch said: “The L3Harris/SGA partnership is a force multiplier, providing multiple spacious maintenance facilities and experienced technicians in Texas and New York ready to help our customers achieve their goals.”

Contract under this maintenance programme was awarded to L3Harris in January 2021.

Valued at $668m, the contract was awarded to enhance and improve the operational readiness of the USAF’s C-130 tactical transport aircraft fleet.

Earlier this year in April, L3Harris announced achieving a major milestone under the USAF C-130 Avionics Modernisation Programme Increment 2.

The company is providing parallel avionics modernisation on the USAF’s C-130 aircraft fleet at the L3Harris’ facility in Waco, Texas, US.

USAF C-130 Hercules Division chief Dr JP Peloquin said: “It is important that we have an industrial base that can meet these requirements. I speak with a lot of wing commanders around the USAF that just want their iron back… to do their missions.”