Kongsberg has secured a €109m ($126.5m) contract to supply the Norwegian advanced surface-to-air missile system (NASAMS) to the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania.

In October last year, Lithuania signed an agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence for the procurement of components for the NASAMS air defence system.

Under the contract, Kongsberg will provide new additional equipment, a training and integrated logistics support package, as well as refurbishment and integration of government-supplied components for a complete NASAMS system.

Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace president Eirik Lie said: “NASAMS, produced by Kongsberg and Raytheon, is the most sold air defence system in NATO in recent years, and will be the backbone air defence system for many nations in decades to come.”

“NASAMS, produced by Kongsberg and Raytheon, is the most sold air defence system in Nato in recent years.”

The NASAMS air defence system features open architecture to facilitate the integration of sensors and launchers in order to provide battle management, command, control, computers, communications, and intelligence (BMC4I) air defence capability.

Using a 3D pencil beam radar to detect and track targets, the system employs the advanced medium range air-to-air missiles (AMRAAMs) as primary weapons that are identical to those used on fighter aircraft.

It also offers single and multiple engagement capabilities, beyond visual range capability with active seeker missile, high survivability against electronic countermeasures, and look-down / shoot-down capability.

From 2004, NASAMS is being used by The Norwegian Armed Forces in support of international crisis management operations.