Indra has been awarded a new contract for the production and delivery of a full mission simulator (FMS) system for the Spanish Armed Forces’ NH90 helicopter.

The estimated value of this contract is approximately €19.2m.

This will be the third mission simulator system to be delivered by Indra for the Spanish Air Force.

The previously delivered FMS is deployed at Helicopter Simulator Centre (CESIHEL) in Colmenar Viejo and is operated by Indra as part of a special arrangement with the Spanish Armed Forces.

The third NH90 helicopter FMS will be delivered at Spain’s Cuatro Vientos Air Base in Madrid.

Indra Simulation director Rafael Junco said: “Beyond instructing in the proper handling of an aircraft, joint tactical training is increasingly important, which allows professionals to prepare for the fulfilment of mission in an environment similar to real one, interacting with other crews and becoming familiar with increasingly numerous and complex systems that make up the combat cloud.”

Indra’s simulator system has been designed to provide realistic training experiences to aircraft pilots, preparing them to inter-operate with various aircraft systems.

It uses real avionics equipment onboard to replicate real scenarios with safety and efficiency.

The system can recreate a wide range of combat scenarios with different threats to train the air forces to rehearse complex manoeuvres and attain practice in handling emergency situations in the battlespace.

According to the company, the FMS can also replicate both day and night scenarios as well as all the possible weather conditions. The set-up includes night-vision goggles and the helicopter’s real image intensifier tubes for the trainees to practice such simulated missions.

The cost-saving solution will reduce the overall flight hours by nearly 40% while minimising over 33% of maintenance effort.