Honeywell has entered a ten-year licence and parts supply agreement with GKN Aerospace’s Fokker Landing Gear business in the Netherlands.

The agreement covers Honeywell’s wheels and brakes on the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF) aircraft.

Fokker Landing Gear was chosen by the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) in 2016 to maintain and service landing gear components for the F-35 fleet in the European market.

The latest nonexclusive agreement between the two companies will considerably decrease the logistical footprint of supporting the regional F-35 fleet with a Netherlands-based depot.

The agreement also results in a lower cost of ownership for F-35 operators.

Under the licence agreement, GKN Aerospace will repair, overhaul and provide maintenance of Honeywell’s wheels and brakes covering all the F-35 variants.

Honeywell Aerospace EMEAI Defense and Space senior director Cooper Cullen said: “Our license agreement with GKN Aerospace will provide considerable benefits to both owners and operators of the F-35 in Europe.

“There are currently an estimated 126 F-35 aircraft in Europe, with more than 450 aircraft forecasted in ten years’ time.

“A dedicated repair, overhaul and maintenance facility was needed in Europe that can service this large fleet, as opposed to sending every asset to the US, which not only incurs significant time and cost but also affects operational readiness.”

As each F-35 built comprises over 100 unique Honeywell parts, Honeywell can provide several upgrades, retrofits and modifications on the advanced JSF.

Honeywell technology on the F-35 jet is included in the jet’s avionics, cockpit and avionics cooling, wheels and brakes, inertial navigation systems, engine fuel controls and a thermal management system.

GKN Aerospace Lockheed Martin programme director Suku Kurien said: “There was an urgent need in the region for a service centre able to provide the repair, maintenance and overhaul of the F-35 wheels and brakes for the European market locally. Thus, our partnership with Honeywell will provide immense cost and time savings for F-35 operators and owners.

“Additionally, we can leverage Honeywell’s extensive knowledge and know-how and our expertise in this area, resulting in a win-win proposition for all.”