A detachment of German Air Force Eurofighter fighters is set to participate in a combined Quick Reaction Alert training in Lithuania with the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon jets.

Under Eurofighter Interoperability Enhancement programme, the Baltic operation will be conducted to enhance the existing twinning programme between the two airforces.

For the operation, RAF deployed a team of 30 personnel into the 135 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) to Siauliai Air Base.

The Luftwaffe Eurofighter detachment Tactical Fighter Wing 71 commander Lieutenant Colonel Andreas Beckman said: “A brilliant opportunity to learn more detailed insights of how the two forces can work together.

“Usually we are not able to fly in mixed formations, so this really offers a unique chance to enhance our capability both from a flying perspective and for our Engineers and logistics teams.”

“Being part of this programme enhances our capability to achieve the steps towards the plug and fight concept, one of which is a conscious reduction in our footprint without a reduction in reaction times for operational output.”

The ‘Plug & Fight’ concept as a force package is the smallest contingent of personnel and aircraft. It aims common flight operations, which have the ability to quickly dock into an existing operations laydown of a partner nation.

Providing an enhanced multinational capacity, the concept will encourage other European partners to perform training operations with the participating countries.

Later this year, RAF Lossiemouth based 135 EAW Typhoons and Wittmund based 71 Fighter Squadron Eurofighters will take over the Baltic Air Policing mission from Estonia.