An industrial consortium made up of FCMS, Indra and Thales has been selected to develop a suite of sensors for the European Future Combat Air System (FCAS).

Germany, Spain and France selected the consortium. The countries are the three main stakeholders of the Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS) / FCAS programme.

French Armament General Directorate (DGA) signed the contract with Indra on behalf of the three countries.

Sensors will be incorporated under the Phase 1 contractual framework. The Phase 1 A Concept Study for Sensors will be carried out over a span of one year, with an option to extend for another six months.

Work under the contract will involve ‘a connected and distributed architecture of sensors, the design of future sensors architectures and the maturation of the associated sensors technologies’.

The sensor architecture will use the capabilities of the NGWS/FCAS combat Cloud along with better system situational awareness and enhanced platforms survivability.

The sensors pillar consortium will work with the other NGWS/FCAS pillars (Combat Cloud, Next Generation Fighter, Remote Carriers) to streamline the design and integration of the sensors.

Indra NGWS/FCAS programme director Manuel Rodríguez Cerezo said: “The industrial cooperation and the proactivity demonstrated by the three companies have facilitated the taking of this first step to move ahead with the programme.”

In February, Airbus and Thales partnered to develop the Air Combat Cloud for the FCAS.