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JBOF Systems: Rugged High-Performance Computing

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a JBOD Server or would like to understand its benefits, it's important to note that industries far and wide are already jumping in head-first. The scalability of a rugged JBOD System with an SBC-agnostic setup and direct path from CPU to Drives is unbeatable. You'll have local, secure storage with full control. Hence why it's a popular choice for so many businesses. With hardware hacks knocking on the door of every business big and small, data now needs a local solution that is hardened, secured, and controlled in-house. This is the solution a JBOD Server offers. No matter the application or industry. As we continue to make technological advances in this direction, it's interesting to see what clients come up with to fight their pain points, and out of these very pain points is where we provide solutions that shape tomorrow's JBOD Server solutions. To learn more about JBOD Servers and its applications, download the whitepaper and contact us with any questions.

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