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Sky Power Releases New SP-55 Series Single-Cylinder Engine

Sky Power has announced the release of the SP-55 series single-cylinder engine featuring twin spark plugs.

The engine can be equipped with a carburetor or a fuel injection. The position of the carburetor or the fuel injection on the side makes the unit one of the most powerful one-cylinder engines available.

The rear output shaft allows a generator to be mounted on the back of the engine. All fuel-injected engines are equipped with the ignition HKZ215 and the ECU030.

Sky Power GmbH supplies patented next-generation two-stroke combustion and Wankel engines for helicopters, unmanned fixed wings, VTOLs and hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the naval industry.

Complete propulsion facilities, customer adaptations, developments and the capacity extension of the combustion engines are another business objective. Sky Power develops all its engines in Germany.

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