Arlington, Texas – L-3 Link Simulation and Training (L-3 Link) announced today that it has achieved the 100th sale of its SimuSphere® visual system display.

“The sale of our 100th SimuSphere display underscores the importance militaries worldwide have placed in providing the warfighter with the most realistic simulated training possible,” said John McNellis, L-3 Link Simulation and Training president. “SimuSphere was designed from the outset to provide a fully immersive simulation experience and that is exactly what we have delivered in support of F-22, F/A-18 and F-16 training devices.”

SimuSphere’s design is based on a partial dodecahedron geometric shape. All of the display’s pentagonal facets are the same shape, size and distance from the pilot’s eyepoint. This design provides pilots with out-the-window images that have consistent brightness, contrast, resolution and scene content across all display facets. In addition, SimuSphere’s modularity and scalability support multiple display configurations.