L-3 Communications announced today that it has been awarded a contract from the US Air Force’s Aeronautical Systems Center to complete the visual system upgrade on three B-2 Weapon System Trainers. This visual system upgrade will conclude in 2008.

“Undertaking this upgrade represents the latest joint effort by the US Air Force and L-3 Link Simulation and Training (L-3 Link) to bring an enhanced level of training capability to B-2 Weapon System Trainers,” said John McNellis, President of Link Simulation and Training. “Since the B-2 Training System Contractor Logistic Support program’s inception in 1998, L-3 Link has worked in concert with the US Air Force to ensure that all training devices have remained concurrent with the advancing capability of the B-2 platform. This latest upgrade effort, which exploits modern visual simulation and display technologies, will ensure that B-2 Weapon System Trainers provide a maximum level of training realism.”

In performing this upgrade, L-3 has contracted with Redifun Simulation to deliver commercial off-the-shelf image generation and visual display systems. The new B-2 Weapon System Trainer visual system upgrade will provide out-the-window imagery that exceeds FAA Level D standards for simulators and will enable the simulators to participate in the US Air Force’s Distributed Mission Operations exercises in 2008.

B-2 Weapon System Trainers enable aircrews to fly simulated missions literally anywhere around the globe against any contemporary mission environment. Combat missions are rehearsed in B-2 Weapon System Trainers prior to execution.