L-3 Communications announced today that it has been awarded an US$18.8 million contract from the US Air Force’s Aeronautical Systems Center to build an F-16C Block 52+ Aircrew Training Device (ATD) for the Hellenic Air Force (HAF). As currently planned, L-3 will deliver the F-16C Block 52+ ATD to the HAF in 2009.

“We are very pleased to continue our 20-year working relationship with the Hellenic Air Force on F-16 simulation programs,” said John McNellis, President of Link Simulation and Training. “This simulator, when integrated with the F-16 ATD that L-3 Link delivered in 2005, will represent the first time that any country outside the United States has been able to conduct long haul networked exercises between F-16 high fidelity training devices.”

The F-16C Block 52+ ATD, which will incorporate advanced simulation technologies, will enable HAF pilots to conduct simulated air-to-air and air-to-ground combat exercises. During simulation exercises HAF F-16 pilots will be able to acquire and identify targets and accurately deliver a wide range of ordnance.

The trainer also will allow pilots to practice takeoffs and landings, aerial in-flight refueling, low-level flight and emergency procedures. These training exercises, which will occur within a virtual, geo-specific database, can be impacted by a variety of simulated weather conditions.

HAF F-16 pilots will view out-the-window visual imagery on the trainer’s nine-panel SimuSphere visual display that provides a 360° field-of-view. L-3’s SimuView personal computer image generation system will power and correlate both out-the-window and cockpit sensor display imagery.