DSEi 2013

Showcasing the Latest Aerospace Technologies

Defence and Security Equipment International, ExCeL, London,Other, United Kingdom

Defence and Security Equipment International, ExCeL, London,Other, United Kingdom

DSEi, the leading event for land, sea and air defence and security solutions and equipment, which takes place at ExCeL London from 10-13 September 2013, will feature a dedicated Robotics & Unmanned Systems Showcase.

The market for Unmanned Systems (US) is set to show steady growth over the next ten years with total values for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) increasing annually from just over $3bn in 2011 to more than $5.5bn in 2019. This growth is reflected in the new feature area, the Robotics & Unmanned Systems Showcase.

Supported by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the West Wales UAV Centre and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association (UAVS), the Robotics & Unmanned Systems Showcase is a dedicated arena used for demonstrations of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and UAVs during the show. A football pitch-sized area, located in one corner of the North Hall, has been set aside for the demonstration and viewing arena, while AUVSI will help provide the intellectual content for the series of showcases.

Featured in the new area will be displays from Insitu which will be showing the ScanEagle. This can stay on station for more than 24 hours and its systems come with over 450,000 hours of combat experience. A ScanEagle was used to assist the US Navy when Captain Phillips of US cargo ship Maersk Alabama was kidnapped and held hostage for ransom by pirates off the coast of Somalia last year.

The Dominator from Diamond Airborne Sensing, based on the fully certified Diamond DA42 commercial aircraft, which has logged more than 360,000 flight hours, will also feature in the area. The Dominator is powered by two AE300 turbo diesel engines, and is fully equipped for flight in all weather conditions. The Dominator UAV has flown over 80,000 hours.

Other leading suppliers participating include: DST Control with its light-weight, high-performance gyro-stabilised electro-optical systems with both EO and IR capabilities; Robosynthesis, a UK specialist developer of proprietary extreme-modular robotics systems; Velodyne with its LIDAR sensor; Sprung Instant Structures, which makes deployable UAV hangars; and Sky-Watch’s Huginn X1 which can be used for visual reconnaissance in disaster areas, fence patrol, indoor inspection. The UAV is based on an advanced plug-n-play system that utilises GPS, waypoint navigation, IR laser and sonar and is capable of providing detailed images and high definition video. Huginn X1 is the first of its kind to use a multi-platform system that enables the user to change airframe and upgrade the system without adjusting the autopilot.

Close by, Magna Parva will be showing a number of unmanned systems innovations including CEUS, its Centre of Excellence for Unmanned Air, Land, Marine and Space Systems, which delivers holistic cost-effective solutions to complex systems engineering, operational and support problems and includes a Schiebel Camcopter UAV. On the stand will be R3, a UAV low mass release mechanism that enables far greater capability for UAV payload carrying and release and Hyperion, an innovative ground scanning Counter IED solution.

A programme of demonstrations will be staged throughout the show which will focus on integrating the deployment of unmanned systems and will involve different suppliers working together. Demonstrations will include: a night (lights out) scenario showcasing IR and all-weather operation; a security demo featuring hostage situations; and response to emergencies such as CBRNE. More conventional scenarios of route clearance and patrols, C-IED, compound clearance and perimeter security will also be featured.

DSEi Exhibition director, Duncan Reid, said, "The Unmanned Systems market is an area of tremendous growth and our feature area will provide both exhibitors and visitors with a real opportunity to interact, see some of the latest technologies and gain a deeper understanding of how these types of robots can help in the battlespace."

For more details and to register for attendance visit www.dsei.co.uk.

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