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Patented Headsets For Any Noise Or Environment

Tactical Headsets Sweden AB is a leading supplier of advanced tactical headsets for use in a wide range of airforce and military applications.


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Tactical Headsets Sweden AB is a leading supplier of advanced tactical headsets for use in a wide range of airforce and military applications.

Advanced tactical headsets for airforce applications

The company’s Tactical Headset series offers an innovative and lightweight design for effective communication in any military environment. The system can be constructed with or without ambient hearing for any device of the customer’s choice. All versions are based on the same patented technology.

The patented design of the Tactical Headsets features a cutting-edge throat microphone, as well as passive noise cancelling in-ear speakers, providing the end user with the ability to hear and be heard regardless of the ambient noise.

The microphone detects the user’s voice directly from the neck skin, isolated from the ambient noise, while the speakers provides 26db of passive noise cancellation.

The Tactical Headsets have been developed alongside the Swedish military following their requirements for durability and function and is currently used by Swedish Air-Force firefighters, Swedish armored vehicles, the Swedish Navy, and a wide range of users in heavy industry and construction.

The throat microphone is a proven technology that has been successfully used for several years, but the main downside has always been its muffled sound and choking sensation. With the patented tactical headsets, the user is provided with a comfortable and lightweight headset that provides clear and crisp audio in any noise or environment.

Tactical headsets featuring noise isolation technology

A throat microphone built within the tactical headsets provides up to 38db of ambient noise isolation, providing the user’s voice a low noise-floor even in the harshest of environments.

This technology can be combined with active ambient hearing protection or passive noise cancellation in-ear headphones.

The tactical headset is one of the world’s most effective systems in high noise environments.

Durable, lightweight headset solutions for military applications

The tactical headset neckband is molded in a single piece of techno melt, making it completely waterproof and resistant to heat/cold following military specifications.

The headset itself weighs less than 50g and is designed for optimal comfort. The wires for the in-ear speakers are strengthened with nylon cords. All parts on the headset are made to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Custom headset solutions

Tactical Headsets Sweden AB is still a young company, without the slow turning cogs of a huge multinational company. This makes us very quick, flexible and able to create custom solutions after our clients demands.

Tactical Headsets can be built for all kinds of communication devices. From smartphones to two-way radios, tactical communication systems for infantry, built-in communication systems in helicopters, armored vehicles, tanks, and even more.

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Tactical Headsets Sweden AB
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