The L-EM with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel and a stunning speed of up to 2500 frames / sec bears all required features for test in defense related application. The internal backup battery safes image data against loss of power and allows up to 20 mins autonomous operation.

The HD-SDI video out provides live view over long distance link or fits easy into a telemetry system for air to ground transfer of live view as well as recorded sequences. L-EM comes with a built in CFast card for in camera data storage. The camera is parametrized via Gigabit Ethernet which can be removed after parametrization.

The cameras have been manufactured in accordance with GigE Vision standards and can record in standard speed ranges as well as in high speed camera mode. In addition the camera complies with the Airborne Network Camera Standard (ANCS) by the Range Commanders Council Optical Systems Group.