Dassault Aviation SA is an aerospace company that designs and manufactures military aircraft, business jets, and space systems. The company’s aviation combat aircraft, the Rafale, participates in permanent quick reaction alert (QRA)/air-defence/air sovereignty missions, power projection and deployment for external missions, deep strike missions, air support for ground forces, reconnaissance missions, pilot training sorties, and nuclear deterrence duties. It can handle all types of missions for air forces and naval air arms.

Its nEUROn demonstrator provides the European design offices a project allowing them to develop know-how and to maintain their technological capabilities in the years ahead. Dassault offers the Falcon family of business jets known for their handling qualities, operational flexibility, low fuel consumption, and innovative solutions.

The company also provides special Falcons for maritime surveillance, intelligence or medical evacuation missions. Falcon aircraft are equipped with an internet connection, allowing travellers to surf the internet or participate in a video conference.