Paragon are industry leaders in the development of advanced and innovative technological solutions for the defense and space sectors.

The company’s specialities lie within the development, analysis, and manufacturing of cutting-edge hardware. Paragon’s solutions, along with our patented ECLSS Human-Rating Facility (EHF) and cutting-edge testing facilities, position us as an industry-leader in the development of life support and thermal control products.

Paragon has been involved in the first commercial experiment on the International Space Station, as well as the first automated heliostat used in public building and the world-record near-space jump (over 135,000ft).

Life Support
Thermal Control
Design & Analysis
Systems Integration
Manufacturing & Assembly

Innovative storage systems for the US Air Force

Paragon works extensively with the US Navy for the testing, development, and manufacture of the Coating High Integrity Material Energetic Release Attenuation (CHIMERA) thermal protection system.

CHIMERA is a compact, lightweight and scalable modular storage solution capable of withstanding extreme temperature and high levels of released energy resulting from a lithium ion battery casualty and mitigate cascade failures.

It will increase mission capability and improve safety, providing a tailorable battery storage capability for the US Navy to reduce the to vessels, submarines, and personnel. In addition, it offers increased safety and operational capability by adopting a building block approach, which sees multiple layers of materials customised to counter against energy and exhaust products that result from battery failures, eliminating the spread of the battery casualty.

Paragon’s planned analysis and test campaign allows for minimal non-recurring engineering to rescale the CHIMERA system for the extension to other applications, such as multiple varieties of batteries, custom installation envelopes, and several operating environments.

Thermal control radiators for US Air Force applications

Paragon develops and produces radiators for a wide variety of customers and applications. Our patented Extruded Radiator (xRAD) technology is a cutting-edge, cost effective radiator solution that can eliminate the structural and thermal inefficiencies associated with traditional bonded radiators structures.

Paragon manufactures its xRAD radiators for Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser spacecraft.

Industry-leading solutions to simplify water recovery process

Paragon has created the patented Ionomer – membrane Water Processer (IWP), which aims to simplify and improve the water recovery process for space applications.

IWP uses the forced convection of dry spacecraft cabin air, as well as membrane distillation, to purify and recover available water. The IWP Brine Processor Assembly (BPA) flies to the ISS in 2019 and will increase water loop closure by more than 98%.

Spacesuit and recovery systems for manned space exploration

StratEx (Stratospheric Explorer) aims to develop a self-contained spacesuit and recovery system to enable the manned exploration of the stratosphere above 100,000ft.

These solutions have wide-ranging applications for the study of the science of the stratosphere. This includes the development of means for spaceship crew egress, high altitude aircraft suits, the study of dynamics of bodies at Mach 1, and the setting of new records for space diving, ballooning, and sail planing.

StratEx flew using a scientific balloon and is capable of being used with mutiple variants of vehicles, including stratospheric aircraft.

As the main systems integrator for the StratEx mission, Paragon played a crucial role in designing and manufacturing the system and led operations (including launch, tracking, landing, recovery, and support).

About Paragon

Formed in 1993, Paragon has worked on every major human space flight program. The company’s hardware has flown on NASA spacecraft (Orion, Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station), and commercial and foreign spacecraft (Soyuz and Mir).

Paragon has established a reputation over the years for delivering trusted, flight hardware solutions. As a leading Space technology company, the majority of Paragon’s business is with US Government agencies, including NASA, The Department of Defense (DOD), the US Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), SOCOM, DARPA and the US Air Force.

Paragon has partnerships with major Space manufactures, including Axiom, Space X, Blue Origin, Boeing, Dynetics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Sierra Nevada Corporation.