Autodromo provides architectural and exhibition models, interactive displays, as well as aeronautical models for the airforce industry.

Established over 15 years ago, the company has established a broad portfolio and has worked with world-renowned clients, including Bloodhound SSC, Ferrari, Williams, 1001 Inventions, Bluebird, the Imperial War Museum, and the Duxford Air Museum.

Prototypes and models for the airforce industry

Autodromo fabricates equipment in metal, wood and plastics, and has a fully equipped spray booth on-site. The company provides electroplating, centrifugal metal casting, and polyurethane resin moulding solutions.

Laser cutting and CNC machining, as well as design and development in CAD, is also offered, with the company utilising traditional skills with the latest development in the prototyping industry. The company works on one off projects, as well as sculpted hand-made pieces.

Modelling and prototyping solutions for airforce applications

Autodromo boasts extensive experience in architectural models, exhibition and display to develop solutions for a wide range of airforce requirements.

With associated production techniques, Autodromo provides a complete service to airforce clients, from conception all the way through to manufacture.

Advanced design and graphic solutions

Autodromo offers advanced design and graphic solutions, from waterslide and tampo printing to packaging and full exhibition stand format.

The company’s staff consists of professional model makers, electronic design specialists, prototype master pattern makers, spray technicians, and metal fabricators.