RA Miller Industries Inc. (RAMI) has been manufacturing advanced antenna solutions for more than 60 years on platforms including handheld, manpack, vehicular, ground based, airborne, and shipboard applications.

RAMI antennas cover a wide spectrum including HF, VHF, UHF, LS, and C-band. Additionally, RAMI has multi-band antennas covering several functions within a single form factor. By keeping all stages of the design and manufacturing process in house, RAMI has the ability to streamline new product development while maintaining high quality standards.

Airborne antennas for the defence industry

RAMI manufactures many different types of airborne antennas covering a wide range of frequencies, from HF up to 6 GHz. These antennas serve a variety of functions, including communications, glide slope, FM homing, marker beacon, airborne radar interrogation – Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), TACAN, SATCOM and GPS.

The AT-740/A is an L-band antenna used for airborne radar interrogation (IFF).
The AT-741B/B is a TACAN, identification beacon airborne antenna designed for use with radar interrogation.
The AS-3808/ARC airborne antenna is designed for high power UHF communications.
AV-801 GPS antenna designed specifically to meet ADS-B 2020 mandate
The U.S. C-130 aircraft has several RAMI antennas.
The AV-924 airborne antenna provides a single antenna solution for multiband transceivers used by CBP, Coast Guard and other first responders.

We also offer multi-band aircraft antennas that operate at more than one frequency range. All RAMI antennas are designed and qualified in-house to meet the specifications our customers demand.

Radar interrogation antennas for airforce applications

RAMI manufactures several radar interrogation antennas for IFF (identification friend or foe). Our diverse range of form factors offer options from flush mount to aerodynamic, high speed housings for various rotorcraft, and fixed-wing aircraft installations.

Airborne communication antennas

We have developed a wide variety of airborne communication antennas that offer broadband performance with options to cover more demanding power handling requirements. Our designs range from 50W continuous on the RAV30512 antenna up to 1,500W continuous on the AS-3808/ARC antenna.

Glide slope antennas for military aircraft

RAMI manufactures a lightweight glide slope antenna that is designed for use with standard Glide Slope receivers for reliable performance. This antenna can be mounted either in a radome or externally on the aircraft.

Marker beacon

RAMI manufactures the AT-640A/ARN, a receive-only antenna that can be used on both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. This antenna meets the requirements of Military Specification MIL-A-5999 for electrical and environmental performance.

Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN) antennas

RAMI manufactures TACAN, identification beacon antennas designed for use with Radar Interrogation.  This antenna can withstand speeds up to Mach 2 and operates within a temperature range of -55°C (-67° F) to 148°C (300° F).


RAMI GPS antennas are designed specifically to meet FAA TSO-C190 specifications for WAAS GPS requirements. Our AV-801 antenna had been deployed on numerous military platforms upgrading to the ADS-B 2020 requirement. The mounting footprint matches the ARINC 743 standard found on many aviation aircraft up to and including business jets.


RAMI offers a few different SATCOM antennas that can be used on aircraft, as well as, on tactical vehicles.  The RAMI8713 is a low-profile SATCOM antenna and the RAMI8715 can go on rotor aircraft.  These antennas have frequency coverage to support both Legacy and MUOS UHF communication needs.

Engineering services for defence industry requirements

With over 60 years of design experience, RAMI has the agility and ability to adapt existing housings and form factors to match any customer’s bespoke requirements. Please fill out the form on the right to make a business enquiry and learn more about our processes and products.