Lödige Industries is recognised as experts in air freight traffic and the transport and storage of goods and cars.

The company has extensive experience and a proven track record of supporting clients through its innovative material handling solutions and equipment.

With a global presence spanning 22 locations worldwide, Lödige Industries is currently entrusted with handling over 28 million tons of air freight annually.

Airport logistics solutions from industry experts

Lödige draws on more than 45 years’ experience in the handling and management of vital equipment for the airforce sector.

Prioritising speed, quality, and reliability in all of its operations, Lödige represent the global benchmark for efficiency and reliability.

Air freight logistics solutions

Ensuring peak performance over the life-cycle of air cargo terminal, Lödige’s industry-leading range of solutions extends from equipping leased warehouses with relocatable conveying equipment to carrying out fully automated turnkey cargo hubs.

From the concept planning phase to system implementation and long term maintenance, Lödige provides turn-key solutions for all air freight requirements. We understand the importance of equipment availability and freight traceability in your terminal.

Integrated air freight terminals

Lödige Industries has been responsible for the construction of a number of air cargo terminals worldwide, including some of the largest, such as the cargo terminal at London Heathrow, the Nordic Cool Cargo Hub for Finnair, and the SMARTIST cargo terminal of Turkish Cargo in Istanbul.

With an extensive engineering background, Lödige is an expert in air cargo operations. Our expertise of automation and software controls enables us to create custom systems for air cargo logistics, both on-time and within budget.

Lödige systems are renowned for their reliability, quality, and high throughput. Our software solutions are specially designed with consideration for workflows and centrally monitorable processes.

Equipment for mobile air terminals

Lödige provides a comprehensive range of mobile mechanised and manual solutions for ULD and airside handling and storing air cargo, designed especially for individual client requirements.

The modular design of our mobile components makes it easy to plan customised systems. This means that solutions can be relocatable, flexible and expandable, enabling rapid response to evolving conditions.

About Lödige Industries

Our extensive presence in all major air freight markets means we are able to assist in defining your requirements or follow your defined concept, including developing individual components or complete systems solutions for your terminal.

The quality of our engineering, our extensive experience and our state-of-the-art systems automation software enable us to provide speed, accuracy and reliability for your air freight operation.