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Radio-Transparent, Frangible Fences and Crash Gates

Fibre Net is one of the world's leading developers of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP), used to create airport and airfield perimeter fences, as well as for a variety of purposes throughout the construction, building consolidation, energy, transport and industrial sectors.


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Fibre Net is one of the world’s leading developers of fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP), used to create airport and airfield perimeter fences, as well as a variety of purposes throughout the construction, building consolidation, energy, transport and industrial sectors.

Radio-transparent airport perimeter fences

FIBREFENCE fencing systems from Fibre Net are designed to protect sensitive areas around airports and airfields, including radar equipment and instrument landing systems.

All of the main components of the FIBREFENCE from Fibre Net are made from FRPs, namely the mesh, vertical posts, wing-bracings, and outrigger arms. The result is a low initial investment cost, and virtually no maintenance required. To ensure the fence remains robust, all small components of the fence are made with stainless or galvanised steel.

Fibre Net’s fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) is both frangible and radio-transparent, making it ideal for airport applications.
FIBREFENCE fence solutions are formed of posts, mesh, and accessories made of glass fibres that are filled with thermosetting resins, with high chemical-resistance and mechanical performance.
Fibre Net’s fences have been approved for internal and perimeter use in airports by aviation authorities worldwide, including the ICAO, and are even used in a variety of military applications.

FIBREFENCE is fully radio-transparent, and does not interfere with any landing aid devices (ILS, MLS, GLS, TLS, NDB, VOR, DME) or radars. Fences are also designed to take up minimal space, and reduce visual interference for security personnel supervising the area.

Fences are made from Fibre Net’s unique polymer, and the FIBREFENCE has superb resistance to weathering and UV rays. A mesh section can also be added to the bottom of fences without affecting costs, to avoid small animal intrusion.

Frangible fencing to reduce aeroplane damage

Fibre Net has developed unique, frangible technology in order to protect airport components and ensure security, while remaining lightweight and fragile enough to reduce damage to aeroplanes, should an accident happen and an out-track landing be required.

These frangible fencing solutions, making use of Fibre Net’s FRP technology, keep maintenance costs low, but still allow for easily maintainable access control and security.

Airport fences that meet ICAO and civil aviation standards

Safety and security are critical concerns of Fibre Net, so FIBREFENCE systems fully comply with all International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards in terms of security (Aerodrome Design Manual – Part 6 – Frangibility – 1st Edition 2006), and airport infrastructure (Aerodromes Design / Operations – Volume 1 – 4th Edition July 2004 and following amendments and integrations).

Fibre Net systems can also be easily altered to fulfil the dimensional specifications of local civil aviation authorities.

Fences and gates for military airfields

Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) authority standards are adhered to, as well as all major foreign aviation standards. FIBREFENCE has already been approved and adopted by a number of authorities worldwide.

Special projects have also been developed in cooperation with military forces, to meet even the most demanding applications across the army and airforce sectors.


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