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Ground Support Equipment for Military Air Forces

B GSE Group (BGSE) specialises in aviation power solutions, service pits and special 480VAC receptacles for air forces worldwide.

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B GSE Group (BGSE) specialises in aviation power solutions, service pits and special 480VAC receptacles for air forces worldwide.

We supply and manufacture equipment to ensure a comprehensive contractor package for all aircraft, missiles, radars and other critical equipment supply applications.

We specialise in turnkey systems for F 35 Lightning II aircraft for governments, contractors, original equipment airframe manufacturers worldwide.

Aircraft hangars for global air forces

BGSE engineers, supplies, installs, commissions, trains and services F 35 hangars worldwide, as well as offers a comprehensive range of ground support solutions.

An 180KVA 400HZ dual-output military power unit.
Remote for 270VDC power unit.
The CoolJet air units at MCAS Beaufort.
BGSE power units.
400HZ and 270VDC power supplies for Marine Corp Air Station Miramar.
A POP-UP pit.
Service pit lid.
The F 35 being hooked from our PIY at Luke AFB.

Our B-Power 400HZ, 270VDC or 28VDC power supplies, CoolJet PC Air high-pressure units, the EZ Access service pits, and special 480VAC receptacles have been approved and supplied to the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp, and United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

We offer these products with high-pressure ducting, delivery power cabling, specialised electrical and mechanical accessory equipment, communication and automation packages, making BGSE a standalone expert in these technologies.

Custom-engineered F 35 aircraft facilities

BGSE collaborates with you to create specific project design layouts, challenges and options.

We offer in-depth knowledge to develop several bespoke solutions to address your project requirements.

In addition to F 35 hangars, we have supplied and/or developed equipment for Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and other manufacturers, as well provided support equipment to many other airframes such as CV-22B Osprey, F22A Raptor, RQ-4 Global Hawk, B-2A Spirit, C17A Globemaster, MQ-1B Predator, H-60, F-15E Strike Eagle, B1B Lancer, F 16 Falcon, A-10 Thunderbolt, C130, KC 46 and B-52 Stratofortress.

Turnkey ground support solutions

Both our special turnkey approach to servicing and supply to our air force customers are unmatched by any other companies. We are often contracted to assist in design, equipment supply, commissioning, and training.

BGSE provides projects with specific and special information concerning our aviation power solutions, PC Air and pits in order to find the most effective solution for the project needs of each customer.

For instance, we helped design under the National Defency Academy (NDA) for Korean’s Air Forces’ first F 35 hangar, the NDA Israel’s’ Air Forces First F 35 hangar, and the first Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve bases transitioning into the F 35 Lightning II.

Central power systems for aircraft and military weapons

BGSE offers equipment to power aircraft, and missile and radar systems and is a specialist contractor-supplier that supports the US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp, Army and Coast Guard, as well as Nato and Allied Air Forces worldwide.

We have also extensive experience with central systems. Previous projects include the design, integration, and commission of a three-phase power unit for the FLEDS ramp project for the US Navy in Coronado, California, as well as an extensive central power system for a large drone facility in the US.

White Papers

  • Advanced and Flexible Fighter Support System

    The Cool Jet CAS is a dedicated, high pressure preconditioned air unit designed for hangar, shelter, and remote parking positions. Available for fixed or mobile applications in all electric or diesel driven configurations. Combine with 400Hz, 270VDC and 28VDC power to service all power and air needs from a single piece of equipment.

B GSE Group
14034 Clarendon Point Court
NC 28078
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