Aviation Spares International Limited is a supplier of spare parts, component repair and overhaul services for civil and military, fixed and rotary wing aircraft operators throughout the world.


Our extensive range of products and services includes:

  • Military aircraft and helicopter spares
  • Civil aircraft and helicopter spares
  • Electronic breakdown components
  • Raw materials including metals, alloys, steel and exotic materials
  • Hardware – fasteners, seals, bushes, etc.
  • Greases, lubricants, chemicals, sealants and oils
  • Paints, activators and dopes
  • Textiles including uniforms, boots, protective gear and flight clothing
  • Management of repair / OH services
  • Engine and undercarriage components
  • Aircraft onboard fire fighting equipment
  • Synthetic sand bags / sheets
  • Boeing approved cargo liners for the full range of Boeing and ex McDonnell Douglas narrow and wide body aircraft


Aviation Spares has provided products and services to an extensive list of aerospace projects including:

  • Sea King – SAR / ASW helicopter – vendor items, cockpit instrumentation, air conditioning pack, standard hardware AN, MS, NAS, M prefixed P/Ns, electromechanical spares and semiconductors
  • Tornado IDS – ground attack – hardware and vendor items, electromechanical spares and semiconductors, oxygen life support equipment, engine ancillary equipment
  • CN-235 – regional passenger turboprop and maritime patrol aircraft – hardware, rotables, consumables, hydraulic systems, avionics, vendor, electromechanical spares and semiconductors
  • Hawk – trainer / ground attack – hardware, vendor, airframe, engine ancillary equipment, avionics, rotables, consumables, electromechanical spares and semiconductors, oxygen life support equipment
  • Bae 125-800 – passenger (now Raytheon) – hardware, rotables, consumables, vendor items, avionics, electromechanical, spares and semiconductors

Supplying the right products and services is crucial in an industry where there is no margin for error. This means full dependence on our service reliability and total trust in our product supply. These are the main reasons why Aviation Spares International has a growing reputation worldwide for total support and quality assurance, across an industry that demands the very highest standards from products and services provided.

Aviation Spares International – Supplying the Aerospace Industry with equipment and spares worldwide.
Aviation Spares International provide spare parts, component repair and overhaul services for civil and military aircraft.
Aviation Spares International Limited provide spare parts for a wide range of civil and military helicopters.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that with over 30 years of in-depth market and product knowledge, personal service and financial flexibility, you are dealing with one of the leaders in aerospace throughout the world today.


High standards and expertise have helped Aviation Spares International gain full quality certification. These standards have ensured many service features including traceability and manufacturer’s documentation wherever required.

Also, our extensive experience in exportation throughout the world ensures the efficient processing of all necessary export licenses and customs clearance. This incorporates the careful handling of sensitive equipment, hazardous materials and the preparation of all relevant specialised documentation for worldwide distribution.


Supported by the latest state-of-the-art computer and CD information systems, our expert personnel are able to locate and source our customer’s required products at competitive prices, as well as meeting tight delivery schedules.

Our advanced information system allows us to trace all western equipment, including a product history, and the ability to cross-reference both part and NATO stock numbers. Technical data can be downloaded upon request.

Our highly innovative systems allow us the adaptability to stay ahead in the Aerospace Industry and provide the speed, efficiency and quality our customers demand.