CONTROP Presents the FOX450Z Thermal Imaging Camera with Continuous Zoom Lens

HOD HASHARON, ISRAEL 5 August 2002 – CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. (Hod Hasharon, ISRAEL) presents the FOX 450Z Thermal Imaging Camera with a proprietary 22.5x continuous optical Zoom Lens. This camera uses a 3rd generation FPA sensor having 320 x 256 pixels which is highly sensitive in the 3-5 micron spectral range.

The revolutionary lens has very high zoom ratio, enabling a super wide field of view (FOV) which is required for navigation and detection, and a continuously variable FOV, which enables a very narrow FOV for long-range recognition and identification. The lens’ motors (zoom and focus) are electronically controlled in order to keep focused imagery at any zoom position and at a wide temperature range. In addition, Non-Uniformity Correction is performed on the FLIR, using a signal command from the system operator, which activates a fully automatic correction sequence. CONTROP now integrates this lens on its DSP-1 dual sensor optronic payload, providing high resolution and sensitivity by day and by night, as well as in adverse weather conditions.

The FOX-450Z Thermal Imaging Camera is an observation unit that can be used at night – even in total darkness! It is available with an enclosure unit or without an enclosure, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

If you need to be in focus around the clock, and to ensure that you are always one step ahead of all the rest, contact CONTROP for state-of-the-art reconnaissance and surveillance equipment and thermal imaging cameras. (

About CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.:

CONTROP specializes in the development and production of Electro-Optical and precision motion control systems. CONTROP specialists have over 25 years of experience in electro-optics, electronics, servo-control, precision mechanics and software. Main product lines include Stabilized Optronic Payloads (day/night), Intruder Detection Scanning Systems, Directional Antenna Pedestals (Airborne and Ground) and Aerial Reconnaissance Film Cameras.

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