Sarsen Technology News Round-Up

Welcome to the February edition of Sarsen Technology’s News Bytes. It has been a busy month, with visitors and exhibitions, primarily focussing on the financial trading market place. There are also new technology releases from X-ES, Conduant and Trenton, and some important EOL notices from VersaLogic.

Trenton Systems expands its Matrox Mura mpx enabled video wall controller line

The TVC4406 is the latest 4U, Matrox Mura MPX-enabled video wall controller from Trenton, built to last in demanding video display wall applications such as military command and control, surveillance, industrial process control and network operation centres. The TVC4406 features a standard ATX motherboard with one processor and support for up to four Matrox Mura MPX series video controller boards. The motherboard utilises multiple x16 PCI Express electrical interfaces to deliver superior video display wall performance when using Matrox Mura display controller boards

Sarsen and BittWare exhibited at the Low Latency Summit 2013

The Low Latency Summit was held on 19 February 2013, at the America Square Conference Centre in London. It focused on the evolution of high-performance technology, underpinning profitable automated trading strategies. There were some excellent networking opportunities, and the chance to learn more about why low latency solutions are so important to the HFT marketplace. Alongside our friends at BittWare we were able to chat to delegates about the Altera OpenCL support for their Altera Stratix V PCIe board, as well as the use of FPGA technology in financial trading applications.

New Feature on the Sarsen blog

This month is financial February, and we’ve been featuring articles about low latency, high-speed financial trading and the technology we sell that supports this marketplace. We have also told you all about BittWare’s support for OpenCL on their half-length Altera Stratix V PCIe board, as well as shining the spotlight on a longstanding member of our sales team. There is an overview of our participation in the Low Latency Summit on19 February, and much more.

XCalibur4301 Intel Core i7 6U compact PCI single board computer

The XCalibur4301 is a high-performance, 6U CompactPCI SBC that is ideal for ruggedised systems requiring high bandwidth processing and low power consumption. The XCalibur4301 is designed to deliver significant performance and efficiency improvements to existing commercial, industrial and military 6U cPCI applications.

The XCalibur4301 provides two separate channels of up to 8GB of DDR3-1066 ECC SDRAM, two PrPMC/PrXMC slots, 32MB of NOR flash, and up to 128GB of NAND flash. In order to support a variety of applications the XCalibur4301 is engineered to scale from an air-cooled, commercial (0 ºC to 55ºC) version to a rugged, conduction-cooled (-40 ºC to +85ºC) version with appropriate environmental test methods.

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