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Advanced Airborne Countermeasures and Pyrotechnic Components

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LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY specializes in innovative pyrotechnical solutions for the armed forces, security forces, civil protection, individual and critical asset protection.

Pyrotechnics, pyrotechnic systems and implementation

LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY’s range of expertise includes pyrotechnics as well as their systems and methods of implementation.

In addition, we make available a wide range of services such as customer training, pyrotechnical freight and logistics, ammunition dismantling, recycling and disposal. Our 150 years of experience in pyrotechnologies are a guarantee of innovation, performance, reliability and durability for the solutions we design, develop and manufacture with a particular focus toward eco design and toxic free effects.

To support the qualification and use of our products in more than 50 countries around the world, we consistently pursue compliance with the most stringent standards, such as DGA, NATO / STANAG, ADR, IATA, IMDG, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MRP II, CMMI.

LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY provides the widest range of expandable worldwide
LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY has developed the most advanced and effective response to the most threatening missiles, including those headed by manpads
During recent international trials, LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY has demonstrated the best effectiveness of its flares over competition, against the latest generation of missiles
Beside airborne countermeasures, LACROIX DEFENSE & SECURITY supplies a wide range of pyrotechnical devices for training, location and distress signaling
LACROIX DEFENSE & SECURITY provides a wide range of pyrotechnic components for the aeronautic, missile and space industries

LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY has developed the most advanced and effective response to the most threatening missiles, including those headed by manpads.

Missile countermeasure systems

LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY has offered cutting-edge missile countermeasure systems for over 50 years and currently offers the widest range of expandable worldwide. Our decoys are available for use on combat and transport aircraft, helicopters, as well as VIP, business and commercial aircraft.

They are designed for compatibility with the main types of decoy dispensing equipment and military standards (NATO / STANAG, MIL-STD, France, Russia, etc.), with effects in infrared, radio frequency, electro-optic and credible trajectory.

LACROIX DEFENSE & SECURITY’s decoys : the best effectiveness against the latest generations of missiles

Typical IRCCMs of 3rd generation IR seekers have discriminating capabilities in:

  • Intensity : discriminate objects which are suddenly brighter than the a/c (“sudden rise detection”)
  • IR spectrum: seeker expects to see similar levels of energy in both wavebands
  • Separation Rate: seeker evaluates the rate of separation between the flare and the target aircraft, as conventional flares separate increasingly downwards under gravity and rearwards

During recent international trials, LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY has proven the best effectiveness of its flares over competition. In particular, with the outstanding results of our latest spectral flares, we have also demonstrated our capability to drive the market.

Decoys for combat and transport sircraft

All our decoys are already qualified and in use for combat and transport aircraft as well as helicopters.

Airborne application of pyrotechnics : signals and training

Beside flares and decoys, LACROIX DEFENSE & SECURITY provides various pyrotechnical devices : signaling equipment for aircraft crews, training bombing devices, tracking flares for simulation and training, cartridges to keep away birds, marine markers, etc.

Pyrotechnic components for space and aeronautics

With its range of initiators, delay devices, gas generators, actuators and sequencers, LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY provides pyrotechnic components to meet the strictest requirements for applications and to perform in the harshest environments. This technologically advanced equipment, designed to be integrated into missiles and satellites, makes LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY an essential supplier to the aeronautic, missile and
space industries.

For decades, over twenty Air Forces have entrusted LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY for its pyrotechnic solutions to protect their aircraft and helicopters, among which are France, The United States, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, United Arab Emirats, Kuweit, etc.


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