Over the past 25 years, Artemis has established itself as a world-class designer and manufacturer of advanced optical thin film coatings for the aerospace, defence and medical industries.

We specialise in four key strategic areas, namely head-up displays (HUD) and helmet-mounted displays (HMD), periscopes and sighting systems, laser eye protection, and narrow-bandpass (NBP) analytical filters.

Head-up display combiner technology

Artemis has so far manufactured more than 3,000 HUD combiners currently flying across 14 platforms worldwide, including BAE Systems Hawk (LiteHUD), M346 Master, PC21, T6B, Harrier, and Tornado.

Using graded angle-of-incidence compensated coatings, our HUD combiners provide consistent performance across the entire display. These single and dual-configuration combiner plates allow customers to select the best technology to suit their requirements.

Our filters and assemblies are used in the cockpit for head-up displays (HUD) and helmet-mounted displays (HMD), stray-light control, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and night-vision goggle (NVG) compatibility.
Our mounted HUD combiner plates provide high colour neutrality with increased image brightness using Rugate Filter technology. Artemis has a ten-year contract to supply HUD Combiner Assemblies for LiteHUD.
High-contrast display patches offer complete uniformity across both visors, enabling pilots to maintain total awareness in combat situations when not facing forwards.
With HUDs becoming mandatory across the civil aviation industry, pilots can achieve greater precision and situational awareness throughout critical flight phases.
Artemis have partnered with Plessey Semiconductors to combine augmented reality with next-generation HUD technology.

Helmet-mounted display technology for combat awareness

Artemis’ helmet-mounted display visor technology combines usability with product quality to create a fully integrated enhancement of conventional cockpit instrumentation.

Our visors and bi-visors enable pilots to view flight-critical data whilst maintaining complete awareness in combat situations.

Advanced stray light filters for enhanced vision

Artemis’ next-generation stray light filters are designed to optimise cockpit displays and indicators by reducing glare within the cockpit environment, thereby enhancing the vision of combat pilots by using bespoke viewing angles for each light source.

Our instrument display light filters can include daylight readability using polarisers and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. Combined with night-vision goggle (NVG) compatible coatings, this ensures optimum performance is maintained in any situation.

Augmented reality systems for defence applications

HUDs operate as a see-through augmented reality (AR) system.

Artemis is currently working with industry partners to develop the next generation of AR displays for defence and commercial applications.

Conductive window assemblies

Artemis supplies to a diverse range of innovative applications, including conductive window assemblies used for de-icing, de-fogging and EMI shielding in display panels.

Our conductive windows offer complete product solution with in-house busbars, contact tabs and braiding capabilities. They are also available in combination with multi-coated assemblies, including NVG and stray light reduction compatibility.

Optics for airborne optronic pods

Artemis has a long history of supplying optical components for a variety of reconnaissance and ‘multi-function’ sensing pods. Our near-infrared coated optics offer advanced performance in targeting and counter-measure capabilities.