With the increasing popularity of personal electronic devices (PED), charging in-flight is a necessity. EMTEQ’s intelliUSB™ SR has changed the way passengers and pilots stay charged in-flight.

EMTEQ’s intelliUSB SR bridges the gap in the market as a universal charging device. USB chargers are able to charge a select group of PEDs as different charging technologies are employed by device manufacturers. The intelliUSB SR is able to switch to meet the unique requirements of the top three protocols, therefore able to charge more than 90% of the market leading tablets, phones and eReaders all from one port.

Additionally, the design enables a simple integration with an unobtrusive, ultra-small USB port in the cabin. The port in the cabin measures a mere 1 1/8in x ¾in with a compact box hidden behind the wall panel or in the seat. This ultra-small design allows the intelliUSB SR to be seamlessly integrated into the cabin without calling attention from the overall design, yet being easily accessible for passengers.