EMTEQ, Inc. welcomed Aero Consulting Services Ltd. (ACS) and Northern Aero Industries (NAI), known as ACS-NAI, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada into their family of companies on June 27, 2008. ACS-NAI specializes in OEM and after-market structural and avionic design, interior certification, engineering, fabrication and technical support. Their Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (DAO) and Transport Canada parts manufacturing approval combined with EMTEQ’s US Federal Aviation Association certification competencies and the product diversity of both companies is highly beneficial to the corporate, regional and air transport markets worldwide. Each company offers unique yet highly complementary expertise which benefits production and aftermarket customers.

Jerry Jendusa, EMTEQ’s Chief Executive Officer, explains the partnership in this way: “ACS-NAI philosophies, capabilities, expertise and talented employees and customers are synergistic with and complementary to EMTEQ’s. ACS-NAI will continue to grow with committed resources and business investments from EMTEQ. Our desire is to foster and enable ACS-NAI’s long-term growth in Canada. We’re quite excited because this partnership allows us to provide more comprehensive aircraft systems and certification solutions for our clients, clients who are mutually similar and many who are known to both ACS-NAI and EMTEQ.”

Lane Helms, who founded ACS in 1976 and acquired NAI in 1996, successfully developed ACS-NAI into a globally recognized and respected entity. He explains the merger with EMTEQ as: “…part of a strategic growth plan that enhances and completes ACS-NAI’s technical, certification, engineering and manufacturing expertise capabilities. With ACS-NAI as part of the EMTEQ family, we look forward to enhancing the Winnipeg location for the benefit of our customers with additional product and service offerings while retaining our existing offerings.”

Helms summarizes the new relationship in this way: “Combined, our two organizations blend skilled staff, certification and engineering capabilities, engineering designs, manufacturing capabilities, customer base and solid organizational skill sets. ACS-NAI evolved along the structural and mechanical side of the industry while EMTEQ focused more on the electrical side. Together, the two show to be an outstanding fit providing superior service to the aviation market.”

The combined offerings of each company include:

  • Interior modifications and design
  • Structures modifications and design
  • Avionic design engineering and certification services
  • Mechanical manufacturing / sheet metal fabrication
  • CNC machining / forming
  • Aeronautical part and kit assembly
  • Ground and flight testing (flight sciences)
  • Burn testing
  • Avionics systems design engineering and integration
  • FAA and Transport Air Canada certification / EASA / local agency approval coordination
  • Interior lighting
  • Cabin comfort
  • Exterior lighting

EMTEQ and ACS-NAI have strikingly similar vision and mission statements and adhere to strong positive company values and philosophies. As such, ACS-NAI will continue operations as ACS-NAI under the EMTEQ Family of Companies umbrella, and maintain its support for its customers and projects with a continued high level of service, quality and responsiveness. ACS-NAI will retain its corporate identity with the continuation of personnel in their current roles. Helms will remain an integral part of the organization as well.