EMTEQ Databus and Specialty Cables

Systems integrator and FAA certification provider EMTEQ, also a leading provider of aircraft grade radio frequency coaxial cables and integrated aircraft systems and services, offers 50Ω, 70Ω, 77Ω, 78Ω, 100Ω and 125Ω data bus and Ethernet cables for equipment and aircraft OEMs, dealers and modification/repair centers. EMTEQ’s specialty cables are a cost-effective solution designed for ease of installation and meeting specific performance requirements. They are available in the following formats:

  • 50Ω triax – long range navigation (LORAN) and automatic dependent surveillance (ADF). Reduces noise pick-up while enhancing signal transfer
  • 70Ω – Multi-plex data bus use and designed per ARINC 429
  • 75Ω – audio/video application cables with some styles available in TEFLON® or EMTEQ’s light-weight, flexible PFLX
  • 77Ω – used to transfer signals from 1MHz Multiplex computerised data distribution systems in aircraft and military vehicles. Design per Mil-STD-1553
  • 78Ω – supports ADF and radar systems, limiting noise pick-up or EMI
  • 100Ω – Ethernet and LAN applications as well as data transmission aboard aircraft. Available in (1) pair, shielded twisted pair, 10/100 Base T unshielded, (4) conductor, 10/100 Base T, CAT 5, LVDS, CAT 5e low skew video
  • 125Ω – balanced line single shielded and high performance double shielded ASCB cables

Company president and EMTEQ co-founder Jerry Jendusa noted the value of installing an EMTEQ specialty or multi-conductor cable; “Our data bus and Ethernet cables are designed for outstanding performance to reduce or eliminate EMI while ensuring signal integrity. Multi-conductor cables eliminate the need to fabricate repetitive wire harnesses, saving the installer time and money,” he explained.

Most recently, EMTEQ introduced 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet cables. D100-0824-100/-101 Cat 5e cables are constructed of two and four twisted shielded pairs of silver plated 24 AWG copper wire respectively. Offering ten times the data transfer speed of Cat 5e cables, EMTEQ’s Cat 7 four and eight conductor cables were designed with individually shielded twisted silver-plated 24 AWG wires to significantly reduce cross-talk. Cat 7 part numbers are D100-0424-007 and D100-0824-007 respectively.

Some of EMTEQ’s data bus, Ethernet, speciality and multi-conductor cables may be purchased with mating EMTEQ connectors, while others have been designed to interface with industry standard connectors.

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