AJT designs and installs bespoke, high-quality air traffic control tower (ATCTs), visual control rooms and air traffic management (ATM) communications systems for the airforce industry.

Our portfolio includes air traffic controllers, prefabricated control tower cabins and communication towers, as well as design services for launch pads, infrastructure and support facilities.

We aim to provide a complete suite of air traffic control (ATC) equipment, comprising airfield lighting control, navigational aid monitoring, automated weather observing systems (AWOS), airfield surveillance and approach radar.

AJT provides turnkey air traffic control towers and cabins for the aviation industry, including military and air force applications.
Cabins and necessary fixtures are shipped for on-site installation.
Optional heating, air-conditioning and ventilations systems are available.
Our modular, pre-fabricated tower cabins are designed according to a client’s requirements,
We aim to enable on consistent communications between air traffic controllers and both ground-based and airborne aircraft.
Previous installations include air traffic control towers, in addition to associated infrastructure and support developments for the US Air Force, Nasa and leading defence contractors.

Custom-built air traffic control towers

AJT works closely with authorities, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), aviation professionals and industry associates to design ATCTs that combines functionality, practicality and safety.

All our designs are custom-built according to the airbase’s requirements and budget. Throughout, there is a focus on high-quality materials and a strong structure, in order to reduce costs yet retains the functionality of the ATCT.

We address regional code enforcement and communications equipment specifications at the start of the project to ensure compliance with line-of-sight criteria, life safety, construction and fire standards.

Modular air traffic control tower cabs

AJT’s pre-fabricated tower cabs are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, depending on a client’s requirements. Fully outfitted three months from approvals by skilled personnel, units are tested, disassembled, packaged and transported to the project site.

The flexibility of our cabins facilitates overseas transport, as well as fast assembly and deployment. The visual control room can be active within two weeks of arrival, keeping the cab away from the construction critical path schedule.

Our ATCT cabs offer an array of features, which include multiple glazing options, manual and motorised sunshades, bespoke base cabinets, as well as heating and air-conditioning.

Conforming to FAA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), our cabs are designed to accommodate all systems but primarily focus on continual communications between air traffic controllers and both ground and airborne aircraft.

Our engineering and design teams have substantial experience in communications equipment and cabin developers.

Robust air traffic control tower cabin structure

The cabin’s steel framework is developed in a controlled environment with certified tradesmen. The structure is then prepared with the exterior envelope by licensed siding and roofing personnel.

The cabin interior can feature with a wide range of options such as raised access flooring, comprehensive console furnishings, and ceiling and dimmable lighting. Optional features include break area sink and appliances, multipoint grounding and isolated equipment electrical circuits.

We design specialised glazing, before delivering it with the necessary installation materials for on-site installation by local glaziers. In addition, we ensure high-quality roof features such as antenna mounting, power outlets, cable management, surge suppression, beacon support and work lighting.

About AJT

Since 1998, AJT has been designing, installing and manufacturing air traffic control towers and cabins worldwide, covering three continents and 12 states in the US.

We have also repaired and maintained more than 30 ATC communications and weather systems, as well as being involved in multiple studies and preliminary designs.

AJT’s key team members have designed, developed and modified launch pads, infrastructure and support developments for Nasa and the US Air Force, in addition to leading defence contractors.