HEICO company VPT® announced today that its V-SHIELD® packaging technology has been recognised by the judges of the 2016 Military and Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards programme with the highest, platinum level award.

The platinum level recognises military and aerospace electronics featuring a superb innovation, characterised by a groundbreaking approach to meeting a need, a new level of performance, efficiency and / or ease-of-use.

V-SHIELD® is a proprietary, patent-pending, fully encapsulated epoxy packaging solution for VPT’s DC-DC converters and EMI filters that is highly resistant to chemical, solvent and salt environments and fully compatible with high volume manufacturing processes including wave solder, cleaning solvents, high-pressure sprays and aqueous wash processes.

It features a unique integral six-sided metalised shield to improve system EMI compatibility. It also simplifies system thermal design with dual-sided conduction cooling coupled with reduced power dissipation. V-SHIELD® packaging combines the reduced radiated emissions advantage of metal packaging with the water / chemical resistivity of epoxy packaging, allowing for superior performance at a COTS level price.

"We are honoured that our V-SHIELD® packaging has received the highest level award by the Military and Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards judges," said Jeremy Ferrell, Manager of Standard Product Engineering for VPT.

"V-SHIELD® packaging was designed for applications such as military ground vehicles, as well as commercial and military aircraft that must operate within harsh and rugged environments including severe vibration, shock and temperature cycling. We thrive on creating innovations while maintaining product reliability and improving operational efficiencies."

The Military and Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards programme was developed to recognise the most innovative solutions in military and aerospace technology products and systems, as determined by a panel of senior, third-party, expert judges.

Military and Aerospace Electronics publisher Alan Bergstein said: "This prestigious programme allows Military and Aerospace Electronics to celebrate and recognise the most innovative products and services in the military electronics industry.

"Our 2016 honourees are an outstanding example of companies who are making an impact."

The Innovators Awards are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • User value
  • Sustainability
  • Meeting a defined need
  • Collaboration
  • Impact

The 2016 Military and Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards Honourees are featured in the November Issue of Military and Aerospace Electronics magazine, as well as on