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Andrew Salerno-Garthwaite

Draken win Spain’s Dassault Falcon 20 training contract

The Nato Support and Procurement Agency awarded Draken the contract for training the Spanish Navy on the modified Dassault Falcon 20.

Slovenia reaches Nato defence acquisition target for the first time

Slovenia’s spending on acquisitions went above 20% of its defence budget for the first time in 2022, achieving its target as a Nato ally.

Pratt & Whitney break ground on Oklahoma facility for F135 upgrade

Oklahoma will host the only facility capable of supporting Pratt & Whitney’s Engine Core Upgrade to the F135 fifth-generation engine.

Nato surveillance flights protect EU leaders summit in Moldova

Nato deploy surveillance flights for the EU summit in Moldova, days after sanctions were made against Kremlin-backed destabilising activity.

Israel’s missile defence system leads the defence market

Israel’s defence sector is set to grow across the next five years, with the missile defence the primary driver of growth

Airborne directed energy laser beam director tested at high speeds

The US Airforce have tested beam director for operating airborne directed energy lasers at high speeds with a 360-field of regard.

BAE Systems to develop autonomous cross-constellation satellite ISR

In recent years the expansion of on-orbit ISR capabilities is being significantly boosted by the proliferation of low earth orbit satellite constellations.

Global Hawk relocation to Japan: building trust through ISR

The RQ-4 Global Hawk deployed to Japan serves Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes while furthering a diplomatic mission.

Bulgaria’s defence spending up to $10.9bn in next five years

Bulgaria will see its defence spending increase over the next five years, predict GlobalData, with a total spend of $10.9bn through to 2028.

Nato air policing to move from Estonian base to other Baltic states

During base reconstruction Nato air policing activities will move from Estonia to Latvia and Lithuania in 2024.