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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including international relations, conflict, geopolitics, tech disruption and sportswashing.

Alex Blair

Signal: US weaponry becomes incentive for normalised Saudi-Israel ties

Saudi Arabia eyes US support for nuclear weapons program, security guarantees and arms dealings in landmark talks with Israel.

Signal: Kenya to lead US-sponsored mission in Haiti

US and Kenya sign five-year defence deal involving $100m for intervention in crisis-hit Haiti despite human rights concerns.

Signal: Brazilian Navy seizes 3.6 tonnes of cocaine

The joint mission between navy and federal police marks the largest cocaine seizure on Brazilian waters.

Signal: US military asks public to find lost $80m fighter jet

The F-35 Lighting II jet went missing over South Carolina after a “mishap” forced the pilot to eject.

Signal: Indonesia spends $100m on UK-built Submarine Rescue System

Indonesia’s military spending spree continues with the purchase of “life-protecting equipment” from UK subsea rescue manufacturers during DSEI.

Signal: Taiwan says China is amassing air power along Taipei-facing coast

Taiwan’s biennial military report also accuses China of ramping up cyberattacks on the island.

Space economy forecast to be worth $1trn by 2040

Sustainability, regulation and militarisation cited as leading factors affecting the economic potential of space.

Signal: New Zealand defence jobs rise as Defence Minister announces national security system

New Zealand to create new intelligence agency recommended after Christchurch mosque attacks in 2019.

Signal: US Air Force requests $5.8bn for AI-driven combat aircraft

The US Air Force’s request for funding would see the AI-driven Valkyrie model developed and tested later this year.

Cost-savings, ESG key amid first deployments of Directed Energy Weapons

DEWs offer an advantage due to their reduced risk of collateral damage, low-cost energy sources, and mitigated lethal capabilities.