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The US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) has started installation of a critical Force Protection system designed to protect forward-deployed soldiers in US Africa Command’s (Africom ) area of responsibility (AOR ).

The installation of the tactical automated security system (TASS) onto the existing installation intrusion detection system (IDS) by AFLCMC’s Force Protection team, follows an urgent request from the 17th Air Expeditionary Forces’ (AEF) commander to support personnel deployed to imminent danger zones.

US Air Force Security Forces non-commissioned officer in charge master sergeant Christopher Rochefort said the TASS installation will greatly impact the warfighters’ ability to detect intrusions and respond accordingly.

"Our defenders will be better equipped to protect lives and vital assets stationed here with this integrated security system," Rochefort said.

Specifically, the TASS installation is expected to provide security forces with the ability to maintain a wide area of situational awareness outside their operating location by enabling remote monitoring and detection of intruders attempting to breach an installation.

"Our defenders will be better equipped to protect lives and vital assets stationed here with this integrated security system."

Comprising thermal imagers, sensors, communications, power and annunciation components, TASS is a rapidly deployable, relocatable, integrated security system used for security monitoring around fixed site airbases, semi-permanent forward operating bases (FOBs), and other mobile tactical deployments in high-threat environments.

The system uses sensors and radars to alert operators and also uses cameras and thermal imagers to determine threats, and subsequently transmit all signals back to command-and-control (C2) devices, enabling operators to rapidly deploy response forces.

The installation effort was also supported by personnel from the US Air Forces in Europe, Air Forces Africa , Air Force Central Command, the Force Protection Branch IDS team and the Army Natick Contracting Division.

Image: The tactical automated security system equipment being installed on a land-sea container on Chabelley Airfield near Djibouti, Africa. Photo: courtesy of Jimmy Waller.

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