CRFS designs and manufactures deployable electronic defense and spectrum management solutions to detect, identify and analyze signals of interest in complicated RF environments.

Our intelligent receivers, as well as our advanced software and analytics platforms, are currently deployed for distributed remote sensing and signal collection, geolocation, counter-UAV cuing and countersurveillance applications.

Intelligent RF sensors for greater situational awareness

With an instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz and an overall frequency range of 9 kHz – 18 GHz, CRFS’s RFeye Nodes and Arrays scan broad swaths of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum quickly and quietly, with high resolution.

CRFS solutions are used for the detection and identification of RF signals in complex spectrum environments.
The company’s software solutions are suitable for users with varying levels of expertise.
CRFS solutions include eolocation, counter-UAV and counter-surveillance.

This lets users see moving emitters from a very long distance; it also facilitates a clearer signal capture than many receivers provide, even for rapid transient signals like high-end radars. RFeye SenS signal recorders capture these signals in the highest fidelity for further testing and manipulation.

RFeye sensors are intelligent and quiet to minimize the signal footprint and operate in adverse network environments where bandwidth is limited. Unlike radars, which broadcast their presence and that of their operators, RFeye Nodes and Arrays collect information silently.

Signal software for any level of user knowledge

These clearer signals feed into better analysis. CRFS software can classify, geolocate and analyze signals of interest. An open API allows files to be exported to third-party decryption and demodulation software for further analysis.

The RFeye software suite suits a wide range of user requirements and abilities, from those with little or no signals experience to electronic intelligence experts. Products include RFeye DeepView, Mission and Site.

RFeye Mission was developed for users with limited signal knowledge. It features a simple user interface (UI) and allows users to receive intelligence without looking at a spectrum using licensing, scheduling and automated real-time signal geolocation and alerts. Mission is ideal for early threat warning applications including base security and TSCM; however, its intuitive UI makes it beneficial for signals experts with limited staff as well.

For users with more advanced signals knowledge, CRFS has developed RFeye Site. This solution offers enhanced versatility and advanced parameters, allowing signals experts to find, analyze and locate RF signals of interest in real time. RFeye Site is used in SIGINT collection, EW surveillance (ES) and spectrum management applications, as well as interference hunting for launch ranges. Its open API facilitates joint service interoperability and intelligence fusion.

RFeye DeepView offers enhanced forensic signals analysis for signal virtuosos. This software enables users to find and extract suspect signals for classification and compilation. It has applications in ELINT, SIGINT and research and development applications to include special equipment test ranges.

Multi-user, multi-mission with remote access receivers

CRFS smart sensors fully support remote access, taking external commands and returning only the most critical information to the software. Command deconfliction is handled at the receiver level, allowing many users to conduct simultaneous missions on one or a set of receivers.

Robust drone and aerostat sensors

RFeye sensors have been successfully deployed not just on the ground but aerially, including on aerostats and drones. RFeye Nodes and Arrays often perform the cuing portion of hybrid counter-UAS systems; they provide the geolocation and altitude of aircraft using three-dimensional time difference of arrival (3D TDOA) technology. A ballistics package also monitors the speed and trajectory of aircraft and allows for changes in altitude and direction.

About CRFS

At CRFS, we believe in combining the best hardware, software and know-how to help our customers succeed in their respective missions. With our rugged, compact, high-performance modular sensors and our reliable and intuitive software, we help turn RF data into timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.

Our staff are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the military, regulatory and research sectors. The CRFS team understands the challenges customers face and offers solutions tailored to meet even the most complex requirements.

We don’t just provide hardware and software; we are part of the solution. CRFS is responsive, agile and collaborative, building long-term collaborative partnerships with our customers. We actively engage with end users to drive short- and long-term development that solves real-world problems.

CRFS is trusted by the defense customers worldwide including the US Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defence and several US federal agencies. RFeye spectrum intelligence solutions are currently in use by governmental agencies and systems integrators in the UK and Europe, the US, the Middle East, East Asia and Australia.