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SSAB third quarter 2022 profits rise

The steel manufacturer enjoyed an uplift in performance on the back of strong Special Steels and SSAB Americas divisions’ performances.

How emergency radio communication strategies save lives

According to studies, during a public emergency or natural disaster, information is just as vital to people’s survival as food and water.

Small SATs conferences take off after pandemic hiatus

Costs for sending a satellite into orbit in a shared-payload vehicle are dropping, enabling direct-to-consumer applications providers to offer their space-based services competitively.

Global drive to make steel production greener and more efficient

Steelmakers are aiming to change their production processes to use renewable energy sources and sustainable raw materials.

Why SWaP connectors are important design considerations for electronic devices

Electronics for commercial, military, and space applications need to be smaller and more powerful. Connectors are helping make this happen.

Longer-lasting weathering ballistic steel making its debut

The metal has been around for decades used to make heavy industry products. It has since gained traction as a commercial and domestic construction material and for artistic projects.

Cubesats now carry more applications in smaller packages

Current and future satellites and other space vehicles include more capable applications, with weight and size remaining hugely important.

Use of military-grade protection steels in civil environments is rising

At the police station in Villefranche-sur-Saone, France, Ramor 500 protection plates were lowered into U-profile grooves in concrete base/wall uprights, and secured in place with bolts

What does the future hold for sustainable steel sales?

It is a well-known fact that steel is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Indestructible, recyclable and reusable, it keeps returning value in every incarnation

Communication and connectivity challenges in body-worn equipment market

Modern military applications needs small, rugged and innovative cable/connector combinations to meet ever newer challenges