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How military uses of the IoT for defence applications are expanding

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the operational paradigm of many sectors, not least the defence industry, and military applications and devices are on the rise.

How aerospace innovation is combatting satellite challenges

An increase in calls for CubeSats and the applications they enable is leading electronic device component manufacturers to create new solutions.

How weathering steel makes transport systems and construction projects greener

More sustainable and stronger than mild steel, weathering steel lasts considerably longer and needs less maintenance over its lifetime, making it a cost-effective option for transport and construction applications.

More tactical knowledge, less weight: Miniature cable and connector designs for rugged environments

Soldier-worn electronic devices are proliferating, from the helmet down to the boots, and all of them need robust and lightweight cable and connector combinations.

Back to the future with coastal and maritime MF and HF radio systems

Normal and emergency communications using radio carrier waves are making a strong comeback, with many platforms being developed to enable safe and secure coastal and maritime systems.

Evolution of circular connectors for modern UAVs

The field of UAV electronics is rapidly expanding to serve new devices mounted onboard airborne piloted and autonomous drone systems.

Rapid prototyping new connector designs saves time and money

Cutting-edge electronic devices need to be brought to market as quickly as possible and for that, their constituent parts must be developed fast.

SSAB third quarter 2022 profits rise

The steel manufacturer enjoyed an uplift in performance on the back of strong Special Steels and SSAB Americas divisions’ performances.

How emergency radio communication strategies save lives

According to studies, during a public emergency or natural disaster, information is just as vital to people’s survival as food and water.