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Richard B Gasparre

The New Breed of Pilot

Forget the aviator, UAVs mean that tomorrow’s pilots will have better gaming skills than eyesight. By Richard Gasparre.

All Aboard the Cyber Bandwagon

Will Obama’s new military cyberspace command really put an end to cyber attacks? Richard Gasparre investigates.

The Giant Awakes: China’s Military Rise

China, to some degree, owes its military growth to US consumerism. Richard B Gasparre looks at China’s recent military spend, R&D and its effect around the world.

India’s Missiles Fly Up the Learning Curve

Recent strategic missile tests in India demonstrate the country’s evolution in the field. Richard B Gasparre reports.

Obama’s Strategy Dictates Aircraft Choices

It is likely that US President Barack Obama will have to choose between the Raptor and the joint strike fighter. Richard B Gasparre weighs up the options.

Russia’s Missile Makers Retain Autonomy

Will missiles be the only segment to buck the trend toward technology-centric monopolies in Russia’s aerospace industry? Richard B Gasparre reports.