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Norbert Neumann is the senior defence writer for Global Defence Technology and its sister websites. He joined after acquiring a degree in journalism and spending a short period with Times Radio's news team.

Norbert Neumann


The next level of simulation training: enter the defence metaverse

Norbert Neumann finds out about the metaverse and its potential for defence applications such as military training.

Will future wars be fought with missiles and rockets?

China and Russia have been successfully testing hypersonic systems but the US has been struggling to develop its own. Where is this arms race heading?

DE&S to renew Wildcat training contract with Leonardo

The next five-years of the £360m support and training contract for the helicopters is set to sustain 340 jobs in the UK.

QinetiQ paves the way to net-zero

Defence plays a huge role in combating climate change as both its active and passive emissions are amongst the highest globally.

Securing the rare earth supply chain is crucial for defence

Some of the most modern defence equipment relies on parts made of rare earth elements. The majority of the planet’s reserves, however, is found in China, making the US and other nations heavily dependent on imports. Norbert Neumann looks at the importance of rare earths and ways the US is trying to weaken reliance on Chinese imports.

Honeywell to power DEFIANT X

The new HTS7500 turboshaft engine will enhance mission readiness and will provide unmatched power and fuel consumption. Norbert Neumann talks to Honeywell about the new engine.

British Army begins testing of new Apache AH-64E in Wattisham

The purchase of the 50 new helicopters includes a $2.3bn training and support programme with Boeing until 2040. Norbert Neumann visited the flying station and talked to the Defence Minister and experts.

Can Russia make the grade with the Checkmate?

After its official debut at the end of last year, there are still many unanswered questions about Russia’s fifth-generation fighter jet, the Sukhoi Su-75.

First RAAF F-35As arrive at Base Tindal

Lockheed Martin and the Australian Defence Force are working in close cooperation with F135 engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney to ensure Tindal will serve as an effective base for long-term engine maintenance.

What does the future hold for Eurofighter Typhoon?

The Eurofighter Typhoon has served the Royal Air Force for nearly two decades. Developments around the UK Tempest concept and recent defence reviews have set the blueprint for the future of the air force and the spotlight falls once again on the Eurofighter Typhoon. Norbert Neumann explores the role and potential future of the aircraft.