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Why government and industry must collaborate to accelerate multi-domain integration

Mastery over the five domains of modern warfare – land, air, sea, space and cyber – is a top priority for defence departments. Working with industry leaders already straddling these domains will be vital

Trends in New Space and how to power your company’s entry

Analyst predictions suggest space is on the verge of becoming a considerable revenue generator for a variety of industries within the government-run and private sectors. There are a host of benefits for those investing in the space industry, however, it is not without challenges, one of which, is selecting a proven power source to ensure a successful launch. Fortunately, VPT’s proven heritage and years of experience makes selecting the right power for any mission painless

How data became the new frontier in modern warfare

Using data to understand battlefields is not a new phenomenon. But strategists are wrestling to gain control as the quantity and accessibility of data in modern warfare proliferates

Building a robust power system for satellites

The onboard electronics of satellites have a tough life. For electronic components to remain reliable, they need to be manufactured and tested against all the challenges that can occur during high altitude flight and while orbiting in space.

Multi-domain integration: buzzword or the basis for a future defence strategy?

The defence industry is gearing up for a new era of integration across different domains of warfare. Translating enthusiastic talk on the topic into action is a major challenge