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Fi Forrest

How award-winning DC-DC converters are powering ground-breaking space programs

The number of space program launches is increasing, necessitating specialized power supplies for launch vehicles and deep space missions. In this article, we look at the most recent next-generation GPS satellites as well as three ongoing missions that use high reliability power converters from VPT, a company that has been providing mission-critical DC-DC converters and accessory products for pioneering space programs for decades.

Marketing pain management: targeting for success 

Part of a series on leading marketing pain points.
Marketing has seen some epic misfires in the last decade. What could possibly go wrong?

How robust cables and connectors are vital for oil & gas operations 

The adverse conditions in the oil & gas industry require extreme reliability from cables and connectors used in operations. In this article, we examine how to choose the right equipment that lasts for the long term.

Space exploration: How developing countries are now fuelling the booming space industry 

The space industry is booming, and analysts’ predictions point to steady and continued growth. Now, developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa are also beginning to invest in the space industry, but initial investment costs remain a barrier to entry. In this article we will explore how a high-quality, and reasonably priced DC-DC power conversion solution can help countries and organizations successfully power their satellites into space.

How GaN switching devices are powering a new line of space-rated power conversion solutions

With the satellite market currently evolving at a rapid pace, innovation requires new levels of efficiency, cost effectiveness, and overall reliability. VPT’s new SGRB DC-DC converter series is the first to utilize highly efficient Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology and is paving the way for advanced new satellite designs.

Preparing satellite components for life in space

Satellites in orbit are bombarded by ionizing cosmic radiation. If left unprotected, the service life of electronics degrades, leading to interruptions in performance and critical damage to semiconductor chips.

Armoured vehicles: Stopping criminals with ballistic steel

Armoured vehicles are now being manufactured using ballistic grade steels owing to their high Brinell hardness of at least 550. Used for the protection of people and valuables in all kinds of environments all over the world, these steels can withstand extreme forces from piercing objects as well as having the toughness needed to resist shock forces.