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Andrew Tunnicliffe

Andrew is a freelance journalist and contributor across the Verdict network.

C-130 Hercules: the plane that defined tactical airlift

To mark the 500th delivery of a C-130J, we look at key milestones in the development of the C-130 Hercules and how it has reshaped the tactical airlift landscape.

Directed energy: the holy grail of space-based missile defence

The use of laser weapons in the battle space continues to attract investment and attention has recently turned to space. Andrew Tunnicliffe asks whether the US Department of Defence’s plan to use directed energy weapons from space is feasible.

Protecting pilots’ eyes from laser attacks

Laser attacks on pilots, although not new, are growing in frequency and severity around the world. Andrew Tunnicliffe talks to BAE Systems’ Dr Mark Bray about the risks they pose and how technology can help protect pilots’ eyes.

Inside the multi-domain wargame with Lockheed Martin

The multi-domain battlespace is heating up with governments and industry spending heavily. Andy Tunnicliffe talks to Lockheed Martin’s Kimberly Ponders to find out which technologies will support militaries in working seamlessly across all domains in the future.